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The  Lumberjacks

Custom  Bicycle  Playing  Cards

Custom tuck box deck

The Tuck

Inspired by plaid wearing, ax wielding, bearded men, The Lumberjacks feature a beautiful custom tuck with a monotone design. Each deck is hand numbered and limited to only 2,500 decks.

Made in the U.S.A., printed by USPCC.

Playing Card - Jack of Spades Playing Card - King of Hearts

The Cards

Air-cushion finish and printed on textured Bicycle® card paper, each of the 56 cards has a custom design. The back details the red oak, rope and felling axes with "Save a Tree. Eat a Beaver." written along the belly of the handle.

The Beaver

Each deck includes two custom Beav...err Joker cards, one custom double backer, and one custom "Tools of the Trade" gaff card.

The Store

Cash, credit, and beaver accepted.

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